How Sophie’s Touch started ….

You will find on my stall and in my kitchen outlet piles of Mediterranean-style produce and other goodies that I prepare myself following ‘un savoir-faire’ passed down from generation to generation within my family on both sides. Life always revolved around the kitchen table in my family and learning how to cook happened by osmosis, by constantly being under the supervision of whoever was cooking, whether it was mum, dad or gran! Nose in the pan, and spoon to your lips… just for a taste, as the culinary magic was taking place.
Memorable ‘madeleines de Proust’ those are …
In effect, it is not surprising that my stall represents a very traditional Provençal larder, the way my Gran’s used to be, the way my mum’s still is, and the way mine is too at home !! That is why my range of produce goes from sweet to savoury, with a very wide selection of goodies in between to cater for all the culinary needs a good Provençal cook is used to compose with. Funnily, it is only retrospectively that I ended up realising what my range of produce was representing! That realisation made the whole process of Sophie’s Touch even more purposeful than when I initially started, which was back along as a hobby to offer special presents to my loved ones.
3 pots, 2 bottles
The Fundamentals

In Provence, the art of cooking does not necessarily require posh, expensive ingredients. On the contrary! Life used to be frugal in the olden days and cooking took place with very few, simple ingredients. Simple food still IS excellent food and it can easily be prepared once your ‘fundamentals’ (what we call ‘fonds de placard’) are at hand’s reach in your cupboards.
My distinctive, decorative touches are the multi-coloured gingham I use and my home-made, hand-written rafia labels. All the bottles and most of the jars I use are recycled (thanks to a very cooperative network of recyclers in and around Penzance). All pots and bottles are different in shape and size, making each one appealingly unique and ideal as an ‘original’ present too.

By keeping a selection in the kitchen cupboard, you’ll never be caught on the hop again : you’ll have the ideal, stress-free solution to what to take to an unexpected invitation or last-minute party, or even what to serve for a quick meal at home when you fancy something (or someone…) a bit special.