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Mission French Restock Complete!

That’s it! This year’s French restock is complete…

I have just come back from my annual French Restock … and it has been another good year.

The adverse weather conditions earlier in the year, which had affected some of the crops in my usual picking grounds,  has led me to explore and find new grounds to scrump goodies. While I thought I was going to come back empty-handed for some fruit, I ended up coming across bumper crops. I could not pick all the greengage I found!  As for the figs… I picked at least 6 different varieties of them… and left many behind on the trees for the birds to enjoy! I wasn’t so lucky for the pears and the quince, which were not quite yet ready to pick…

The Bergeron apricots from Buis-les Baronnies were faithful to the call and delivered their crop as hoped for.

There will be some already jammed up tomorrow at Kehelland Cilli Fest. So, don’t miss out and come along to the event!





The Roussillon apricots, though, could not be found for love nor money… next year hopefully.

The new comer this year is the citre or sometimes called gigerine. This typical Provencal jamming melon is ideal when combined with a range of citrus fruit. I can’t wait to put this one to its paces! The traditional melon de Cavaillon will be back on the chutney list by popular demand too.

The crop of Ail Violet has not been a problem and you will find loads of it in a wide range of my produce, from the flavoured vinegars to the garlic mustard, including quite a few chutneys… not to mention the range of provencal olives, not only from the Moulin Jeanjean, but also from Vignolis

The olive oil and the walnut oil restock has also been successful: this year Madame Oddou’s walnut oil (from Serres) is back alongside Mr Richard’s (from Nyons), 4 different types of high quality, unflavoured olive oils (each being very distinctive from the others) are still available.

Some Guerande Salt also found its way back in the van. Some of it has just been chilli flavoured, in time for Kehelland Chilli Fest tomorrow.

You will also my on my stall tomorrow a Very Hot Chilli Relish,

just made this afternoon. In my Chilli section, you will also find on my

stand tomorrow a Harissa Mustard, as well as a range of oils and vinegars, chilli or Harissa flavoured.

This is my first big event back since restock and I really look forward to it. I hope to see many of you there!













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