Bienvenue chez Sophie’s Touch 🙂

Welcome to my blog!

Produce from the kitchen
Goodies from the kitchen !

With this blog, I am looking forward to keeping you all up to date with what is happening in Sophie’s Touch kitchen and kitchen outlet, from the latest goodies out of the pan to a wide range of events, via sharing good old favourite recipes to treat yourself and your loved ones! I also aim to ponder over Food related matters every now and then, whether it be from a French perspective or an English one…

I enjoy cooking and eating, that goes without saying,                     I am French after all!

Yet, this couldn’t happen without considering and appreciating the implications that Food has in our lives: not only the sustenance that maintains us alive, obviously, but also the social, ethical and environmental dimensions that come with it.

Pumpkin in Provence crate
Provençal bounty!

While foraging and scrumping have always been part and parcel of my up-bringing, growing my own produce and having control over that process has felt a new imperative lately for a range of reasons! Shopping local is another one of those!

Detecting of touch of activism here ?… Well, no, not as such.

I would rather see the benefits of common sense and experience, while wanting to become better informed about it all.

Bonne lecture 🙂